Adding Bshare/BNB to Bomb Max

I’ve raised this before but I figured I should formally submit it here.

I propose adding the Bshare/BNB LP to Max.Bomb. I feel the benefits of this have been somewhat overlooked.


  • Adds utility for Bshare. Gives Bshare holders somewhere to park their token (Supply) when under peg.
  • Provides deeper liquidity to the pair.
  • Let’s degens degen. If this entices users to LP their Bshare this means a) less Bshares in the Boardroom (bigger prints for stakers) and b) again, deeper liquidity on the Bshare/BNB pair.


  • Liquidations. This is a very risky pairing. However, we are all adults. Leverage comes with risks. Obviously, a liquidation of Bshares doesn’t hurt the protocol near as much as a large liquidation event on Bomb.

Final comments:

  • If liquidations are a concern, leverage parameters could be narrowed to max 5x (or less).

  • In the case that utilization of Bshare is near 100% Bshare holders will be “stuck” earning insane APR. With Tshares (in Tomb), it often pays more than the Masonry to leave the Tshare staked in Tarot.

  • I understand the primary focus is on providing utility and value to the Bomb token. I think additional utility to Bshare achieves this indirectly by increasing Bshare price resulting in higher APR’s on the farm.

  • Regarding BNB I don’t think there will be any issues at all attracting deposits.

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I would never use this but I would gladly provide my bshares for others!