BOMB Shell: Huge Ecosystem Addition

Happy Monday #BOMBSQUAD!

What a surprise we have for you today… We promised you something big, but let’s deliver something huge instead!

After many hours of brainstorming and planning, we are excited and proud to announce that we have come up with an idea that will support BOMB, expand the BOMB ecosystem, and deliver great value in both the short and long term!

As the very first Tomb Finance fork, we inspired hundreds, or even thousands of others to launch similar forks of their own. While the vast majority die off due to the many difficulties in creating and operating a successful seignorage algocoin project, some have bucked the trend and done quite well for themselves. Many of the recent forks have been innovating in creative ways to improve both the user experience, and to assist in maintaining protocol health.

We have decided to launch a new project, a specialized Tomb fork, to provide tremendous additional buy pressure on the BOMB token, and also strengthen the BOMB Money treasury. Profits generated from this new project will be used to strengthen BOMB further!

What Does This Mean for BOMB Holders?

Regardless of if you plan to participate in this new protocol or not, this will be greatly beneficial to all BOMB ecosystem participants. If you enjoy the safety of farming BOMB/BTCB, stick to it, and watch your APRs go up as the health of BOMB Money increases with the extra activity from the new project!

However, for those more willing to take risks, we believe our newest project can be a great opportunity to get into a solid, long standing project, right from day 1. Read on to learn what it is, and how it will work.

What Is It?

Enough teasing, the secret project we’ve been working on is almost here, so what is it?! First and foremost, the project is named CZpegs and will be run on BSC. We have developed, what we believe, is the best combination from all of the existing Tomb forks out there and combined them into one polished package! Doing so will make the whole system a sustainable, long-term project which will provide extreme value to BNB, BOMB and EMP.

CZpegs is a three peg token, but one share token, seignorage algocoin project based roughly on Tomb Finance. One of the three peg tokens is CZbomb, which is pegged to BOMB. To farm this pair, it will require the purchase of BOMB. To farm CZbomb in the genesis pools, you will need BOMB assets (for the majority of rewards).

The other two peg tokens are BNB (CZbnb), and EMP (CZemp).

Because there is only a single share token (CZshares), and three sets of peg tokens and three boardrooms, participants will have the choice of which token(s) they want to farm. This system alleviates many of the traditional Tomb fork issues, especially the share token losing value as soon as the single main token losses 1.0 peg.

Let’s go over some of the differences in this new project:

  • 2% Deposit fee & 2% withdraw fee in boardroom
  • 8 hour epochs. First epoch of CZbnb will occur the same time the CZshares farms start. Two hours after this, the CZbomb epoch will rollover, and two hours later, the CZemp boardroom. We left a gap to be able to include a 4th peg token in the future and maintain the 2 hour gaps between prints.
  • 1% deposit fee on genesis pools. This is mainly to prevent abuse, and straight genesis pool farming with no intention of using the protocol.
  • 3 Peg tokens, each with their own Treasury, Boardroom, Bonds, and more. Pick and choose what is best for you!

Let’s get into some stats:


Launch Dates:

Genesis Farm Start: Wednesday May 25 2PM EST / 18:00 UTC

CZshares (Share token) Farms: May 26 2PM EST / 18:00 UTC

CZbnb Boardroom Epoch 1: May 26 2PM EST / 18:00 UTC

CZbomb Boardroom Epoch 1: May 26 4PM EST / 20:00 UTC

CZemp Boardroom Epoch 1: May 26 6PM EST / 22:00 UTC

CZshares farms will run for 730 days (2 years), and provide 100 CZshares daily as farm rewards.

To recap, our three pairs will be:

CZbomb / BOMB

CZemp / EMP

CZbnb / BNB

Along with a share token farm;

CZshares / BNB

By doing this, we are combining two POWERHOUSE TOMB names, BOMB and EMP, into our protocol to help celebrate and support their continued, long-term success! The demand for both tokens will be greatly increased, adding extra buy pressure whilst reinforcing the protocols core token prices!

There are many minor adjustments added to the CZpegs protocol, a few of which we will release over the next few days and some we will keep a surprise! For now, we’ll let you in on one addition… Our boardroom only has a 1 epoch lock-up! Get in as many boardrooms as you like, as often as you like!

The site has only been under development for one day, but is already in a useable state. We haven’t modified the design yet, but the redesign will be complete prior to launch.

We will soon open up the CZpegs socials to the masses, prepare yourself for a launch like no other!



Aaron and Dan