BR rewards new distribution system

With the new implementations proven to be successful in order to maintain tokens close to peg on Czpeg(tax system)
A major problem still ongoing.
Share token is the keystone on seignoraige protocols and the value is based on how often and consistently can print and it determines APRs on the farms

The problem:
We been seeing how inconsistently printing is sustained on both protocols(Czpegs did it for 2 weeks after Genesis) but at this moment is unable to print for long periods.
The reason is clear, people are selling the tokens after every print, putting the assets underpeg and starting a cicle of non printing, Share token lose value, APRs on the farms are down and people getting out of the protocol.

Possible solution:( New Distribution of BR rewards)
In order to maintain a healthy price on the share token as long as high APRs, Its necessary to achieve longer periods over peg and avoid huge sells after every print.
We could achieve it if BR rewards are distributed in small chunks over a period of time.
Lets say for example that the full amount will be distributed in 10 days (10% a day) on every print.

1.Sell pressure is reduced by 90%, allowing the protocol to print longer.
2.During this period, people are not selling the shares tokens so the price of the assets and APR on the farms will not be affected, totally the opposite it can drive the price of shares up with the farm APRs.
3.Longer periods overpeg will bring new eyes to the protocol (buyers), mitigating the impact of the bad actors (sellers), a week printing can easily drive enough new capital to keep the cicle going.
4. A penalty of 50% tax applied if you want to receive the full amount ( part can be used as a burning mechanism helping peg or being distributed to Phub holders)

I hope the idea and concept is clear as I strongly believe it could be a major beneficial implementation on the next launch.


At first glance this seems like a great idea, the main issue with it however is what happens on the 11th day of consecutive prints? You would get 10 X 10% (one for each of the previous 10 days) and we would be back at square one…

That can happen, but we should consider point number 3. as we stay longer overpeg more buyers will come , fresh capital can potentially mitigate the sells.
Still we could be printing for 10 days rather than 1 epoch ,how will impact APR and share prices, everyone wins.

I don’t see this as a competitive advantage. Quite the opposite, it puts us at a disadvantage as this is more restriction than competing on innovation. The root cause is that there’s nothing people can do with the peg token. I see other protocols are developing revenue streams to buyback/burn. P2E games, NFTs, casinos and other ways to spend. If none of that is in the pipeline, why would anyone hold?

Correct, the use case for the token is the next that should be work on, this idea is mainly to maintain peg and high share price token