Changes Coming to Future Governance Proposals

Future governance votes will have a few changes based on feedback we have received from the community.

  • 24 hour period to discuss the proposal before voting begins
  • For more in-depth or complex votes, we will do a live stream to discuss, and open the floor to questions and concerns.

Sounds like a good change! We’ve got a great platform for it now too! :bomb:

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Also, if anyone has suggestions on how further we can improve the voting process to make it more fair, please do comment below!

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That’s a welcome change! Not only for the extra time for people to discuss the proposals, but I also believe the resulting protocol talk could bring more users to a better understanding of bomb’s inner workings.

:bomb: :boom:

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Exactly! After the latest proposal, seeing the discussions start after voting began just didn’t feel right.

Definitely need to get things crystal clear for the community, and have all information, comments, discussions about the proposal easy for people to find. This is the perfect spot for that, and 24 hours should be plenty of time to discuss!