CZ VOTE 002: Add minor farm allocation for PHUB-BTCB

There are numerous ways for us to incentivize or auto add liquidity for the PHUB token, but a solution that works well immediately is adding a farm to for PHUB-BTCB.

Team is impartial on this, it is 100% up to CZshares holders/stakers to decide if they are OK with using a minor allocation of CZshares rewards for this additional farm.

I think 3% would do the trick, so if you are OK with all of the current farms being reduced from 100% of all rewards to 97%, and that additional 3% going to PHUB-BTCB, then vote yes.


Vote yes if you want to add a farm to CZpegs with a 3% allocation of CZshares rewards.

Vote no if you want to keep farms as they are.