May 16 BOMB Shell: PEG, UI, BBONDs

Good day BOMBERS!

What a week crypto has had, billion-dollar tokens crashing to almost $0, all the markets bleeding, TOMB forks (and TOMB itself) getting battered… Then we have BOMB, holding strong! Our peg has been as steady as can be, our BOMBSQUAD is a hardy bunch, we congratulate you all! Remember, wealth is created in these dips, keep farming and growing your positions. If you need any advice about how to move your investments around within the BOMB protocol whilst having minimal impact, please have a read here. Sticking to these strategies will only strengthen BOMB even more, creating the powerhouse we all know it can be!

Let’s get back to PEG!

Incredible job my diamond hand BOMBERS! We remained extremely stable during the last week, something that not many algocoins can say! We are so close to peg, let’s show everyone #BOMBSTRONG and take it home!

Let’s all buy a little BOMB and get us to our goal of 10,000 BOMB = 1.0 BTC! If we all break a little of our farm to buy BOMB, we will get over 1.0 in no time!

Also, BBONDs have a whole new life now with premium being paid starting at 1.05 peg! If you want to be one of the first to experience the new BBOND premium, pick some up now before we are over peg and it’s too late!!

New UI

Great news, the UI is flying now with the addition of our new Senior Developer, Dimos! In the past few days he has stepped up and worked tirelessly through a minefield of problems, hats off to you ser!

That being said, make sure you head over to and get staking your assets! We already have four options up and running, BTCB, BOMB, BUSM and BUSD! You can also add your BOMB/BTCB 50/50 and BUSM/BUSD pools to the auto compounding vaults on this page! Once enough assets are staked you will be able to leverage your positions over in the borrow section, please do so responsibly. Please note that changes are still being implemented and work is on-going, if you find any bugs or problems, please let our team know in our socials.

As time goes on we will continually add to the new UI (fiat onramps, boardroom, xBOMB etc) and it will run in tandem with our current (Legacy/Classic) site.

BBOND changes

If you haven’t already, head over to this link to see our recent proposal and cast your vote. At the time of writing the vote is a landslide in favour of changing the BBOND premium to 1.05. For more information about how we feel this will benefit the protocol in the short and long term, please see the link above. We strongly believe that this change will encourage a lot more of our users burning BOMB for BBOND, helping the protocol and creating a great return in the process.


Our marketing team have managed to keep producing amazing results for bombbtc, even whilst in the current market dip! We have seen site views and conversion rates climbing daily, imagine the inflow of funds we will manage when BTC starts pumping again…

This leads on to our new UI, marketing plans are currently being formed so that once the new UI is in a great marketable state we will be able to spread the BOMB word far and wide, getting everyone involved with the best investment in crypto, BOMB/BTCB LP! The new easy to use UI, combined with a fiat onramp (coming soon), will allow a much broader target market, leading to more investments and a healthier protocol.

One for all, all for BOMB?

With the recent situations regarding FTM, UST and Luna, the BOMB team have decided that enough is enough. We want ALL investors to be earning in a safe place, that place being BOMB. We can’t provide specifics just yet, however keep your eyes peeled for more information…

That’s it for today! We hope you had a great weekend and have a BOMB week ahead! Let’s get back to peg and show everyone what BOMBERS are made of!

Two based boys,

Aaron and Handford