Move BUSM-BUSD-LP Farm Rewards Over from BSHARE to BITSHARE

I propose that the BUSM-BUSD-LP Farm is migrated over from to

Currently the rewards for BUSM-BUSD-LP are paid in BSHARE which has plummeted in value since the migration from over to, resulting in low APRs and lack of incentive to farm, therefore contributing in part to a low TVL.

At the time of writing BSHARE is $1.44 and BUSM-BUSD-LP has an APR of ~36% with ~$23k TVL.

Moving this over to and making the BUSM-BUSD-LP rewards pay out in BITSHARE (currently ~$62) instead of BSHARE, would result in higher APRs, even if the farm allocation was relatively low in comparison to the main peg farms (bitbtc, bitdot, bitatom & bitada)

Not only that but it would make new users aware of BUSM’s existence. Currently if a user goes any of the “supported” protocols (PegHub,, or czpegs) they would have no idea that BUSM even exists.

The combination of the higher APR and awareness should hopefully result in a higher TVL, and bring the price up from it’s current $0.08 closer to it’s $1 peg (BUSD).

Also re-introducing a yield bearing token (i.e. XBOMB at would help with new use cases, but that could be one for another thread!

Interested to hear everyone’s thoughts and discuss this further! If there is interest from others it would be great to see this put to a PegHub vote!

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Excellent suggestion and great supporting information! :bomb: :rocket:

After we finish with the current governance vote related to PHUB liquidity, we will be ready to do another to move the BUSM farm.

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