PHUB 005: Vote to determine which chain we expand to next

The governance vote to determine which chain we expand to next will open tomorrow! This is a thread to discuss the community’s thoughts prior to the vote which will begin around 17:45 UTC and be open for 24 hours.

Our mission is to become the largest staking platform in the world by 2025. Expanding the bluechip cryptos we offer great returns on is key to this as it helps us reach new investors and generate additional revenue for the protocol.

Increasing protocol revenue supports additional buy backs of the PHUB token helping drive price growth and increased rewards for stakers.

The vote will determine which of the 4 following chains we launch our next seigniorage protocol on:

• Polygon
• Ethereum
• Fantom
• Cronos

As always, farms from the new protocol will be added to the autovaults.

We know the launch of didn’t go as well as we’d hoped due to a small number of large investors aggressively selling the tokens they earned during the genesis farms. We’ve learned from the SnowPegs launch and will adapt our approach to mitigate the risk of this happening again.

Launch of the new protocol will be in October, with the specific date to be confirmed shortly after the vote closing.

Link to the vote (opens 17:45 UTC 23 September and will be open for 24 hours)


I’d be happy testing out our new safety measures and some of the things Aaron has been talking about in the AMA’s on a smaller chain like Polygon or Cronos before we make our big splash on Ethereum. Would also be great getting onto Ethereum once we’re back in a bull run and the whales come out to play - though very hard to time that!

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I agree, I think ETH we should try to time for better market conditions to attract that whale money!

Also - link to vote for anyone who needs it:

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Polygon only with minimum to no TAXES…

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I think Polygon would be my choice as well, but I won’t be voting!

For the last launch I really though ETH was the right call. But given how it went I think we need to see better protocol health as well as improved market sentiment before releasing there. So poly or fantom with whatever tweaks are felt necessary for me.

I’d go Cronos, purely for the fact that I have some CRO lying around after they removed the 10% APR soft staking option! Second choice would be Poly.

I also prefer Polygon since Polygon has reasonable gas fees and great upside potential.