POLL: Let's talk Avalanche coins!

What coins should we have on our new Avalanche protocol?
  • Avalanche (AVAX)
  • Trader Joe (JOE)
  • GMX

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If anyone has any other coins to suggest please add them in the discussion and I can add them to the poll!


I’d like to maybe see QI and Chainlink

I agree with Aaron on Qi and Chainlink, some good top projects on there. Also didn’t know if BTC was on anybody’s thoughts or being put on the new dapp since it was just implemented on Avax a few months ago. I’m on Avax a bit and all the Tomb fork’s and yield farms I’ve seen are just your basic Veggie, Fruits, and animal forks with no exposure to BTC. Since GMX crossed over to Avax there’s been a lot more buzz around it lately and I think would be a good option if not now, maybe down the road. I think what you guys are doing will be a game changer on Avax and a top player. Just some of my thoughts. Hope it helps.

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Would love to see Chainlink, Qi, and FraxShare. Need to DMOR a bit more, and definitely will do so before we vote but good to throw some names out there!

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If there’s a stablecoin farm I’d probably opt for DAI. ($7.3bn market cap on Avalanche)

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Seems Solana (SOL) has 1M of liquidity on AVAX, and since we won’t launch a protocol on Solana, would be a great choice for a peg on AVAX!