Share your strategy πŸ’£

Are you manually farming the 80/20 maxi pools? Auto-compounding in the 50/50 farms?

Heavy in BSHARE? Light in BSHARE? Maybe earning in our new BUSM-BUSD pool?

Share your current strategy! Do you plan on sticking with it or mixing it up? :eyes:

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Nice, thanks for the share!

I’m still finding my ways, but let this be a tale of warning and wisdom come to late.

I once was a boi, who followed the rules, the guides, the recommendations for a split said to be 70/30 in favor of bomb. Being but a tiny fish and starting at the most opportune and dark of times, I grew and grew and became greedy. What once was a 70/30 reached 20/80. It was beautiful, but I wanted more. So I waited, even planned for a time where I would sell off some bshare and rebalance. Icarus the fish, had tasted flight, yet a fish cannot learn to fly on his own. He tried and he tried but soon the storm of BTC led by the FED had begun and what once was a dream came true was now but a memory. In time, I will soar the skies, but til then let me tell you : Rebalance your darn portfolio !!!

Tried tested and true strategies for these kind of forks exist and If I had taken a moment to rebalance, instead of dreaming, I would have a bigger bag of BTC, been able to help the protocol even more and could farm even more Bshares with my bigger bag. Some risk can be mitigated, its up to you, but will you follow through!? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still up, Bomb is amazing, but help the protocol and the protocol will help YOU.