Some ideas for development

Hello, team! I am very happy to be a part of this wonderful community and want to offer an idea for the potential development of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, human greed, as practice shows, is an acute problem of all defi projects in our time. People who have a large start-up capital are trying to earn from everyone else, which in turn negatively affects the development of the ecosystem as a whole. I am not a developer and cannot assess from a technical point of view the difficulties of implementing these ideas, but I think it is possible to integrate them in your project. The main idea will be to give utility bshare not only when TWAP is above 1.01, but also in the opposite case, to increase the liquidity of the bomp-btcb pair, increase the liquidity of the native dollar (BUSM), and also create an additional reserve of funds to maintain the health of the economic model as a whole. I do not give all the calculations and values of APR (it will be possible to accept by vote), I describe the idea itself:

  1. One of the fundamental ideas is the creation (purchase) of futures contracts that will be staked for a certain amount of time (for example, a contract for a month, 3 months, 6 months), during which they will pay daily dividends in bomb to their owner. The prices of these contracts and the daily APR should differ depending on the contract’s duration.
    Important! Their purchase should be for btcb, or for xbomb (I will describe the reason further). The most important idea of purchasing demand is that at the end of the term of staking, a reward in bshares should be paid one-time (thereby the total APR will be very attractive for purchase a contract). In case of an emergency withdrawal of funds, this reward is not paid, a certain commission (% of the purchase) is also charged.
    Important! Futures contract purchases should take place in stages (for example, once a month) and have the maximum amount in one hand, in order to avoid a rapid build-up of positions by whales and subsequent dump. Alternatively, you can organize daily sales of a certain number of contracts on the principle of random selection of buyers from the total number of applications.

  2. Part of the bomb rewards (a small%) from the boardroom should go to the reserve fund to pay daily dividends for futures (see point 1). In a favorable scenario (TWAP above 1.01), it is possible to cover the costs of futures rewards and may even increase the reserve, in an unfavorable scenario (TWAP below 1.01), the reserve fund should be replenished by buying bomb for BUSM, which can be obtained for xbomb collateral (see point 1). At the same time, we additionally use the btcb received for futures to increase the liquidity of the bomb-btcb pair.

  3. Rewards for a BUSM-BUSD pair should be in xbomb (with a small APR). This should increase the liquidity of this pair, we need a strong BUSM for the project. A pair of stablecoins will give rewards in tokens that are needed to purchase futures contracts, this point could bring some big funds here. The main bomb-btcb, bshare-bnb pairs naturally remain, this is our core.

  4. Blocking withdrawal of funds (bshare) from boardroom for 3 days (or another amount). This measure is simply necessary to reduce token speculation depending on the TWAP indicator and is necessary to maintain the concept of the idea, which is described below.

  5. Single staking of bshare with a reward (small APR) in BUSM! It’s funny, but now bshare has utility not only when TWAP is above 1.01. Blocking withdrawal of funds for 3 days (or another amount) is also mandatory. It turns out literally the second boardroom with a reward in a stablecoin, what could be better?))) It’s funny, but this idea, combined with the blocking period for withdrawal of funds here and above (point 4), will allow the funds to be “unloaded” in boardroom and will ease the potential load on PEG from bomb sales. It can also create a very large demand to buy bshare, not only when TWAP is above 1.01.

I will be glad if even certain concepts from this idea seem attractive to you.
Prosperity and a successful path to your project!


Thanks for the extremelly detailed post of ideas! I have bookmarked this to give it a good read and respond when I have more time this evening.

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